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Wednesday, 28 November 2012



Thrilled to see you have started this novella/ blog! I love the first chapter and am looking forward to reading regular installments! :)

Wendy Shillam

I'm hoping that the very strong form of the poem will give me a good story arc, and that its very wide allusions will give me plenty of inspiration and latitude.
When I write I never have the whole plot worked out from day one. Just a vague line of stakes in the sand, to follow. But of course with this method of writing, I can't go back and change things later!
What happens day to day will also alter the story. I've just been told there is deep snow in Norwich today, so that will definitely appear in Chapter three!


I'm intrigued already. Love the language. What a clever idea to use one of Yeat's poems as inspiration. I have a beautiful copy of 'The Winding Stair and other Poems', which I now intend to re-read. Looking forward to more chapters.

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